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Joe Gabriel C is a Swiss-based Singer, Songwriter, Vocal/Choir Coach and commercial Model.

He was born in November 1981, in a Nigerian bronze-mining town where his passion, love and obsession for music started.

Haven learned his craft in church, Joe featured as a music director in a percussion ensemble and as a lead vocalist in Children’s choir in the late 80’s.

Joe later moved to Lagos where his love and passion for music grew. While there, he got a strong craving for creativity in music, which enhanced his productivity.

In 2004, Joe relocated to Switzerland where he commenced his life and music journey afresh with a different set of folks, a new music style and culture which challenged him to dive into various music studies both theoretical, vocal, Instrumental, performance and studio production.

He later obtained his Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) in Pedagogy in Pop music also in Performance & Production from Bern University of the Arts.

Active on stage within and outside Switzerland as a Solo Artist with band or Choir Leader in diverse events and festivals; Joe has made appearances on great platforms like the Swiss famous blues ‘n’ jazz festival Rapperswil-jona, Community Xmas Gospel Concert in Samedan/St Moritz and many more. He has collaborated with some notable local and international Artists as well.
Musically, Joe has been active in various social integration and youth projects, non-profit organization, as well as corporate and school projects.

On the 11th of May 2012, Joe released his first EP “Here I Come”, followed by his 2013 summer hit single “AFRICA”.

The single “Mma Mma Diri Gi” from his first full album “VERSATILE PRAIZ” was released in July 2014.
It enjoyed a long time air play in Switzerland, Ghana, Kenya and Nigeria and is presently used as a background music in a Charity documentary movie.

Joe draws his music inspiration from great Artists like; Andraé Crouch, Aretha Franklin, Stevie Wonder, Ray Charles, Bill Withers, The Beatles, B. B. King, Otis Redding, Luthar Vandross, George Benson, Kirk Franklin, Jonathan Butler and many more.

Apart from music, Joe is also involved in commercial modeling having modeled for SuitArt-Clothing, Quickline-telecommunication company, VW Swiss and more.

In an interview with Livenet.ch, Joe states: “God took me from the street and brought me to the stage.
He gave meaning to my life and helped me to identify the potentials in me. If He could do it for me, He can as well do it for anyone who cares”.

Joe currently resides in Bern state of Switzerland, with his wife and children.

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